Baker McKenzie and long-time pro bono partner The Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth (CFSY) recently hosted a program discussing the work being done to dismantle racial disparities and social injustices posed by youth sentencing practices in the US. 

CFSY is a nonprofit organization leading the effort to ban life without parole and other extreme prison sentences for children. Through its partnerships with businesses and other stakeholders, CFSY also supports survivors of youth violence, incarcerated or formerly incarcerated children, and their families and communities.

During the program, "No Child is Born Bad: Fighting Racism and Discrimination Against Children in Our Criminal Justice Systems," Baker McKenzie Partner Vivek Patel spoke to CFSY staff members Donnell Drinks, Crystal Carpenter and Heather Renwick about their work. The discussion covered the landscape of youth sentencing jurisprudence, advocacy efforts and successes, and challenges posed by the return to society after prison. The program also covered how volunteers, both lawyers and non-lawyers, can get involved with CFSY.

Watch the full program here.          

If you are interested in volunteering with CFSY, please contact Rebecca Turner at We also encourage you to join CFSY's new program, Partners for Progress.
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