This year, Baker McKenzie awarded the Baker McKenzie Prize to an outstanding thesis in the field of international law, written under the auspices of the Goethe University's Law Department. The prize was awarded to Dr. Lara Maria Panosch for her doctoral dissertation "The Human Right to Water and International Investment Law" (Das Menschenrecht auf Wasser und internationales Investitionsrecht). Since 1988, Baker McKenzie has awarded the Prize of 6,000 euros for outstanding dissertations or professorial theses written in the Law Department of Goethe University. 

"The rise of international investment law is one of the fastest expanding areas of international law, so the question of its relationship to human rights is increasingly raised," says the supervising professor of the award-winning thesis, Prof. Dr. Dr. Rainer Hofmann, Professor of Public Law with a focus on International Law at Goethe University. In her thesis, Dr Lara Maria Panosch examines the extent to which a human right to water can be taken into account in the context of investment protection law. "The work is an attempt to adequately balance the conflict between the concerns of investment protection law and the needs of human rights law protection. It is a convincing plea for the view that these two areas of law can be reconciled," sums up the supervising professor.

"It is a central priority of ours to promote young lawyers. For more than three decades, the Baker McKenzie Prize has been an essential part of our support for young lawyers," says Baker McKenzie partner Prof. Dr. Joachim Scherer, who is himself an alumnus of Goethe University and has been an adjunct professor of public law since 1995.
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