Baker McKenzie continues to be the most widely ranked firm in the 2022 edition of the World Trademark Review 1000 (WTR 1000), which lists the world’s leading trademark professionals. The WTR ranked 92 individuals. These practitioners came from 38 offices in 33 countries located in all four regions in which the Firm operates.  

Global Chair of the Firm’s Intellectual Property, Data and Technology Practice, Anne-Marie Allgrove said: “We are very pleased to be the most widely ranked firm in this year's edition of WTR 1000 and the increased number of ranked practitioners is a testament to our global reach in this critical area of law."

"Our trend research last year predicted intellectual property as a key driver for deals in just about every sector. With that we are also seeing increased sophistication with the approach to brand protection from our clients across the globe which our team is uniquely placed to support," said Anne-Marie.

Now in its 12th year, the WTR 1000 shines a spotlight on the firms and individuals that are deemed outstanding in over 80 jurisdictions worldwide. “We have identified the leading law firms and agencies in the market, as the depth of expertise that a firm can offer beyond - and in support of - its star partners is an important factor for potential clients. Firms qualify for a listing on the basis of their depth of expertise, market presence and the level of work on which they are typically instructed,” the WTR said on its website.


Asia Pacific

Gold - Enforcement & Litigation
Gold - Prosecution & Strategy

Byron Angelopulo
Robert Arnold
Jonathan Flintoft
Elisabeth White

China & Hong Kong
Highly Recommended - China and SARS: Foreign Firm

Hong Kong
Gold - Enforcement & Litigation
Gold - Prosecution & Strategy

China and SARS: China (Foreign)
Andrew Sim
Aggie Liu (newly ranked)

China and SARS: Hong Kong
Clifford Borg Marks
Loke-Khoon Tan
Shih Yann Loo
Maria Smith
Ruby Yu Ting Chan
Isabella Liu

Gold - Enforcement & Litigation
Gold - Prosecution & Strategy

Wiku Anindito
Daru Lukiantono

Silver - Enforcement & Litigation
Silver - Prosecution & Strategy

Kensaku Takase
Daisuke Tatsuno

Gold - Firm

Kherk Ying Chew

Recommended - Firm

Gold - Firm

Divina Pastora V Ilas-Panganiban
Bienvenido A Marquez III
Reena C. Mitra-Ventanilla

Gold - Enforcement and Litigation
Gold - Prosecution and Strategy

Andy Leck
Ren Jun Lim
Abe Sun (newly ranked)
Sanil Khatri (newly ranked)

Gold - Enforcement & Litigation
Silver - Prosecution & Strategy

Grace Shao
Jo-Fan Yu
Monica Chao (newly ranked)

Gold - Firm

Nont Horayangura
Say Sujintaya
Dhiraphol Suwanprateep
Tanakrit Tangburanakij

Gold - Firm

Manh Hung Tran
Minh Tri Quach
Thi Kieu Hoa Tran
Thanh Hai Nguyen (newly ranked)



Silver - Firm

Martina Grama
Lukas Feiler
Michaela Petsche (newly ranked)

Bronze - Firm

Koen De Winter
Michael De Vroey

Czech Republic
Gold - Firm

Jiří Čermák

Highly Recommended - Firm

Bronze - Firm

Nathalie Marchand
Virginie Ulmann

Bronze - Firm

Michael Fammler
Rembert Niebel

Silver - Firm

Zoltán Hegymegi-Barakonyi
Zsófia Lendvai

Silver - Firm

Nurgul B Abdreyeva
Andrei Yorsh

Gold - Enforcement & Litigation
Silver - Prosecution & Strategy

Marcin Fijalkowski
Marek Rosinski
Katarzyna Tobiasz-Dumania

Gold -Firm

Denis Khabarov
Eugene Arievich
Darya Ermolina
Galina Grishanova
Marianna Grigorova
Margarita Divina
Pavel Gorokhov
Yuri Yakhin 

Bronze - Firm

Silver - Enforcement & Litigation
Bronze - Prosecution & Strategy

Maria Dolores Garayalde
Cristina Duch
Carles Prat

Silver - Enforcement & Litigation
Silver - Prosecution & Strategy

Eva-Maria Strobel
Michael Treis

Bronze - Enforcement & Litigation
Bronze - Prosecution & Strategy

Mine Güner
Gold - Firm

Ruslan V Drobyazko
Myroslava Koval-Lavok
Oleksiy Stolyarenko
United Kingdom
Silver Enforcement & Litigation
Gold - Prosecution & Strategy
Recommended - Transactions

Ben D Allgrove
Michelle L Blunt
Julia S Dickenson
Jessica Le Gros
Michael L Hart
Hiroshi J Sheraton
Rachel Wilkinson-Duffy
Latin America

Bernard William Malone
Brazil (Trench Rossi Watanabe)*
Bronze - Firm

Flavia Rebello
Flávia Maria Vasconcelos Pereira (newly ranked)
Bronze - Firm

Valentina Venturelli
Sebastian Doren (newly ranked)
Gold - Firm
Juan Pablo Concha Delgado
Yuliana Salamanca J
Silver - Firm

Carlos Davila-Peniche
Gresly Marcano
Fernando Robles Pesqueira
Gold - Firm

Luis Alonso Garcia
Manlio Bassino Pinasco
Silver - Firm

Laura Rada


North America

Silver - Firm

Christopher Aide
Jim Holloway
Stephanie Vaccari

United States
Silver - Firm

Silver - Firm

David J. Davis
Rebecca B Lederhouse
Shima S Roy

New York
Bronze - Enforcement and Litigation
Silver - Prosecution and Strategy

Pamela T. Church
Lisa Rosaya
Josh Wolkoff

Silver - Firm

Dyan House


* Trench Rossi Watanabe and Baker McKenzie have executed a strategic cooperation agreement for consulting on foreign law.

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