18 January 2022 the Swedish Government has presented a Government Bill to the Parliament containing proposals for a new Consumer Sales Act, replacing the current legislation from 1990. The proposed government bill adapts the Swedish Consumer Sales Legislation to the new EU regulations on the area, namely the Omnibus Directive (2019/2161) and the Sales of Goods Directive (2019/771). The new legislation will lead to an increased consumer protection and is adjusted to the contemporary digitalized consumer markets. It will cover sales of goods as well as digital content and digital services and is said to contain more distinct regulation regarding the assessment of errors in the latter.

Furthermore, the proposed legislation also contains provisions under which the provider of digital content is obligated to provide updates for a certain period of time after the purchase to ensure the functionality of the digital content, requirements for digital content sold as integrated in goods, such as computers and smartphones, clarifications stating that agreements granting consumers access to digital content in exchange for the trader gaining access to the consumer's personal data may be covered by the protection rules in the Act, a strengthened consumer protection extending the period during which a seller is responsible for proving that a defect in a product did not exist at the time of purchase to two years and regulations concerning the purchase of live animals.

As the Bill has been only presented today, we will revert with an in-depth assessment in due course.

If passed by the Swedish Parliament (Sw. Riksdagen), the new legislation will enter into force on 1 May 2022 according to the Government proposal. However, please note that this date may be subject to changes.
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