The guide is intended to serve as a toolkit for micro and social entrepreneurs and help them strengthen their business or project in compliance with laws and government provisions, thus contributing to the rule of law.

Baker McKenzie, the global leading law firm, in conjunction with Centro Mexicano Pro Bono, carried out the re-launch of the Legal Guide for Micro Business, a toolkit on legal issues expressed in a simple way and directed specifically to the sector of micro and social entrepreneurs who greatly contribute to the economic and social development of the country.

In this regard, Rosario Lombera, partner of the Firm and leader of the Pro Bono Committee in Mexico, mentioned, "We know that supporting micro-entrepreneurs with the information they need to formalize their operations in compliance with legality is one of the contributing factors to strengthen the rule of law, as well as the social and economic development of our country."

For Baker McKenzie, alliances and participation in key projects with its stakeholders is one of the primary objectives in terms of social responsibility, since better results are achieved through the participation between different actors and generates a positive impact, facilitating that these goals become sustainable over time.

This pro bono project, like the first edition that was launched in 2020, was framed in the Firm's Summer Internship Program, being the product of the joint work of the students participating as summer interns and senior attorneys from the Firm, as well as the guide from Centro Mexicano Pro Bono.

The 2021 edition contains updated information on the different regulations, laws and provisions that regulate companies in Mexico. It also addresses issues such as the incorporation of companies, social security, corporate affairs, conclusion of contracts, intellectual property and copyright, marketing and electronic commerce, commercial affairs and tax matters, which help the micro-entrepreneur to know their obligations in these areas.

* This edition is available only in Spanish.

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