Baker McKenzie has joined a total of 50 law firms in committing to take on at least one “Do Something Hard” action as part of the 2021 Inclusion Blueprint, a collaborative project between Diversity Lab and ChIPs.

The Inclusion Blueprint measures activities that law firms employ at the leadership and practice group levels to ensure that historically underrepresented lawyers have fair and equal access to quality work, influential sponsors and clients, and other opportunities.

As part of this effort, Baker McKenzie commits to track, measure, and benchmark the following diversity and inclusion efforts at the leadership and practice group levels: (1) current diversity representation thresholds and year-over-year progress; (2) ongoing inclusion practices and activities; and (3) a commitment to ‘hard’ actions to be implemented over the next year.

The "Do Something Hard" commitments at the Leadership level include: (1) 50 hours of billable credit for DEI contributions; (2) partner and/or practice group leader compensation linked to DEI; and (3) pay and origination credit equity gap analyses for partners.

The commitments at the Practice Group level include: (1) matter credit for diverse lawyers for new and expanding work; (2) client team diversity and direct access; and (3) an Ally Action Pledge.

"Baker McKenzie does not shy away from implementing the programs and initiatives necessary to assure a workplace that is inclusive and welcoming. This "Do Something Hard" commitment is a continuation of our efforts to foster a more equitable work environment for our people, our communities and our clients," said Marredia Crawford, Director of Inclusion and the Diversity for the Americas at Baker McKenzie.

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