Leading global law firm Baker McKenzie has been recognized for its practices and values in Mexico with a ranking in the 2021 edition of the “Most Ethical Companies,” organized by independent consulting firm Amitai, and the financial newspaper El Financiero.

The ranking measures how companies act and value ethics in their daily procedures and identifies those that work and invest in the promotion of an integrity-driven culture, beyond standard compliance. While those compliance efforts are present in the evaluation, what sets this ranking apart is that it also measures how compliance permeates the rest of the company and transforms its culture, emphasizing values and “doing the right thing.”

To achieve this, companies are scored using four criteria:

  • Ethical philosophy of the company
  • Ethical leadership
  • Promotion and experience of values
  • Community impact

Fernando Sentíes, Director of Amitai, commented: “The ongoing crisis is an opportunity to emphasize those areas that deal with ethics, such as taking care of the physical and emotional wellbeing of our collaborators, reinforce the value-driven experience at the workplace, or fostering and strengthening the bond with our suppliers, doing the right thing, because it is, and not as an obligation. Ethics are involved in taking care of people, but as it turns out, 60% of companies still see this as a mandatory aspect, and not a way to improve the internal culture and contribute to a better work environment.”

Raymundo Enriquez, Baker McKenzie’s managing partner in Mexico commented: “We are pleased to be recognized among the most ethical companies. This is a show of our commitment to ethics, and our value-driven approach to our day-to-day activities. We will continue to place a special emphasis on this, taking care of our collaborators and their wellbeing, not only through our Corporate Social Responsibility area, but also in all our client activities.”

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