Today the acquisition of Force Field by Vertigo Games (a subsidiary of Koch Media) has been announced. Force Field is a leading VR development studio with a portfolio of multiple award-winning VR titles, including Oculus Studios’ titles “Landfall”, “Time Stall” and “Coaster Combat”. Force Field was founded in 2015 and has its headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The studio has a team of approximately 65 employees with extensive experience working on innovative game development projects, and offers a growing portfolio of high-end VR games launched on platforms globally.

Through the acquisition, Vertigo Games onboards an experienced team that enables increased 1st party AAA VR development capabilities to fuel rapid growth in the VR market.

The core Baker McKenzie team consisted of Florian Fehres, Casper Henschen, Willem Jan Treuren and Anastasia Boonen-Vaes, assisted by the Stockholm office.

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