The 2021 Who's Who Legal Competition law survey results have been announced and feature 48 Baker McKenzie, Trench Rossi Watanabe, and Quisumbing Torres (in cooperation with Baker McKenzie) lawyers from around the world.

The survey, conducted by Who’s Who Legal in conjunction with Global Competition Review, was based on feedback by both clients and competition lawyers in other firms. The number of lawyers featured in the 2021 Competition Law Survey reinforces the strength of Baker McKenzie’s Global Antitrust & Competition Group and the reputation of its practitioners in the 40+ jurisdictions around the world with dedicated antitrust and competition law teams.

Who's Who Legal Competition 2021

Competition Law Thought Leaders
Fiona Carlin (Belgium)
Gavin Bushell (Belgium)
Sam Mobley (England)

Competition Law Experts
Esteban Ropolo (Argentina)
Andreas Traugott (Austria)
Gavin Bushell (Belgium)
Fiona Carlin (Belgium)
Paulo Casagrande (Brazil)*
Luis Gomez (England)
Sam Mobley (England)
Léna Sersiron (France)
Christian Burholt (Germany)
Nicolas Kredel (Germany)
Zoltan Barakonyi (Hungary)
Márton Horányi (Hungary)
Anton Subbot (Russia)
Paloma Martinez-Lage (Spain)
Boris Wenger (Switzerland)
Sonya Hsu (Taiwan)
Creighton Macy (USA)

State Aid Experts
Gavin Bushell (Belgium)

Competition Future Leaders – Partners
Francisco Fernandez Rostello (Argentina)
Georgina Foster (Australia)
Joost Hans (Belgium)
Paul Johnson (Belgium)
Carolina Pardo (Colombia)
Francesca Richmond (England)
Stephen Crosswell (Hong Kong)
Junya Ae (Japan)
Kurt Haegeman (Japan)
Christina Macaset-Acaban (Philippines)**
Marcin Trepka (Poland)
Nadia Goreslavskaya (Russia)
Harikumar Pillay (Singapore)
Fang-Yi Jen (Taiwan)
Oksana Simonova (Ukraine)
Brian Burke (USA)
John Fedele (USA)

Competition Future Leaders – Non-partners
Laura Liu (China)
Angelica Navarro Acevedo (Colombia)
Karoline Phillips (England)
Jonas Brückner (Germany)
Thomas Jenkins (Hong Kong)
Donald Pan (Hong Kong)
Michio Suzuki (Japan)
Mikolaj Piaskowski (Poland)

Future Leaders – Economists
Lip Hang Poh (Singapore)

*Trench Rossi Watanabe and Baker McKenzie have executed a strategic cooperation agreement for consulting on foreign law
** Quisumbing Torres, in cooperation with Baker McKenzie

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