The Baker McKenzie Award for outstanding publications on business law written under the auspices of the Frankfurt Goethe University's Law Department goes to Dr. Sahar Moradi Karkaj for her doctoral dissertation and to Prof. Dr. Jens Gal for his professorial thesis. The law firm has awarded the Prize, which is endowed with 6,000 euros, since 1988.

Dr. Sahar Moradi Karkaj receives the award for her doctoral dissertation on "State liability in international law using the example of information technology threats" (Die Staatenhaftung im Völkerrecht am Beispiel von informationstechnischen Gefährdungslagen). The author examines the relationship between liability regimes in international law and unlawful conduct of states on the one hand and lawful but dangerous conduct on the other. 

Prof. Dr. Jens Gal is honored for his professorial thesis "The co-insurance. The syndicated business in the insurance industry in the area of tension between private autonomy, regulation and competition" (Die Mitversicherung. Das konsortiale Geschäft in der Versicherungswirtschaft im Spannungsfeld von Privatautonomie, Regulierung und Wettbewerb). 

"Encouraging the professional development of young lawyers has always played an important role for our firm. The Baker McKenzie Award has been an integral part of our support for young lawyers for more than 30 years," says Baker McKenzie partner Prof. Dr. Joachim Scherer, an alumnus and law professor at Goethe University. 
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