HG v Carroll - Settlement Notice

HG v Carroll - Settlement Agreement

Baker McKenzie recently partnered with Children’s Rights and other organizations on a pro bono basis to secure a win for vulnerable children in the Southern Region of Florida (Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties) in the United States. 

The Firm reached a settlement agreement in the case, H.G. v. Carroll, which was brought on behalf of over 1,000 children in foster care in Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties.

“We are proud of the outcome of this lawsuit, which is designed to better the lives of thousands of foster children, many of who have suffered abuse, abandonment or neglect by their families, with improved placements and services while in the care of the state," said Angela Vigil, Executive Director and Pro Bono Partner at Baker McKenzie.  “The settlement agreement sets out specific reforms, steps for the Department of Children and Families of Florida to achieve those reforms, and tools to enforce those reforms, so that lives can improve as soon as possible.  Our hope is to secure not just survival, but success for foster care in south Florida for current and future generations of children.”

This agreement will vastly improve the lives of children in South Florida foster care, providing critical reform in key areas:

  • Stable housing: The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) has committed to minimizing multiple housing changes for children in foster care. More kids will have access to stable housing.
  • Mental healthcare: DCF has also promised to provide mental health services for children in foster care—a desperate need to address the trauma these children have suffered.

Read more details about these reforms here.

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