On March 26-29 the American Bar Association held their Annual Antitrust Spring Meeting – the largest gathering of Antitrust practitioners, regulators and academics in the world. During the week, firms and lawyers were awarded at the Concurrences' Writing Awards Dinner and Global Competition Review's Awards Reception. The Concurrences Awards honoured the best articles written across a ranges of academic and business categories while the GCR Awards acknowledge the top matters and individuals in across the scope of Antitrust & Competition throughout the year.

Baker McKenzie was acknowledged with wins at both ceremonies.

Concurrences Writing Awards 2019

"In Search of Obvious: By Object Infringements under EU Antitrust by Fiona Carlin and Grant Murray won best Business Article of the year – Concerted Practices; and

"The stories merger documents tell—the US, EU, Asia, Brazil, Mexico, and South Africa  perspectives" by Craig Lee, Creighton Macy, Paul Johnson, Bethan Lukey, Stephen Crosswell, Tom Jenkins, Zhi Bao, Lerisha Naidu, Raymundo Enriquez, Gerardo Calderon-Villegas, Adriana Giannini*, Isabella Giorgi* won best Academic Article for Cross-border issues.

Concurrences Best Newsletters 2019

As part of these awards Concurrences also published their 2019 Newsletter rankings and survey report. Baker McKenzie was accredited as 
•       #1 for Council's Choice as their favourite publication;
•       #2 by readership;
•       #5 by country coverage;
•       #22 by case coverage;
•       #4 by overall ranking.

More information on these awards can be found here

Global Competition Review Awards 2019

Our Baker McKenzie teams in Moscow (Sergei Voitishkin, Anton Subbot, Nadia Goreslavskaya), Kiev (Oksana Simonova, Olga Mikheieva), and Bogota (Carolina Pardo, Miguel de Quinto) were honoured for their role in the Bayer/Monsanto/BASF merger, which won Matter of the Year

Photos of our practitioners from the Concurrences Writing Awards can be viewed below.

Concurrences Writing Awards:

David Clanton and Bill Kovacic


Craig Lee accepting the award for Best Academic Article for Cross-border issues


Grant Murray accepting the award for Best Academic Article for Cross-border issues

*Trench Rossi Watanabe in cooperation with Baker McKenzie

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