Baker McKenzie partner, John Flaim, and senior associate, Yoon Chae, contributed to the World Intellectual Property Office’s 2019 Artificial Intelligence Report as part of its new Technology Trends series. The report launched on January 31, 2019, at the WIPO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and has since garnered significant attention from technology and IP professionals worldwide.

The 158-page report analyzes various data in patent applications and scientific publications, and offers useful and evidence-based projections to inform global policymakers on the future of AI.

As the only law firm contributors to WIPO’s AI Report, John and Yoon provide insights on AI’s interplay with the US patent subject matter eligibility standard, “abstract idea,” and future of patent protection for AI in the United States. In the report, they state that for “U.S.-based patent suits, §101 will likely continue to play central roles, especially in contexts of providing prosecution challenges and being raised as an invalidity defense in patent infringement cases,” but also note that “the status of patent protection on software inventions in the United States is in flux.”

The AI report includes several well-known expert contributors including Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, Chairman & CEO of Sinovation Ventures, and Dr. Andrew Ng, CEO of Landing AI and, as well as experts from MIT, the World Economic Forum, IEEE, UN Global Pulse, the European Commission, and many others.

In addition to participating in the AI report, Yoon also recently spoke on a panel on “Patenting AI: Views across the Corporate Spectrum” at the United States Patent & Trademark Office’s conference on “Artificial Intelligence: Intellectual Property Policy Considerations.” The USPTO Director, Andrei Iancu, gave the opening remarks with Assistant Director for Artificial Intelligence at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Lynne Parker, who provided a statement on the policy approach to AI. The conference had more than 200 in-person attendees and about 4,300 livestreaming attendees.

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