We are delighted to announce our decision to join the Legal Diversity & Inclusion Alliance (“LDIA”) as founding member. 

The LDIA has been established as a joint effort of several Belgian law firms to raise awareness among non-discrimination and diversity issues in the workplace.

“Enriching diversity and inclusion within the Firm has always been one of the key objectives of Baker McKenzie’s Global Strategy”, explains Daniel Fesler, Managing Partner of Baker McKenzie Belgium. “This commitment is reflected in our decision to support the HeForShe campaign and the publication of "Make It Happen: How Women Leaders Unleash Their Strengths". “In addition, we take great pride in our nomination as one of Stonewall's 2018 Top Global Employers and our support to the Gender Equality Leadership Project, led by the United Nations Global Compact Network Canada (GCNC).”

Elisabeth Dehareng, Diversity & Inclusion Partner at Baker McKenzie Belgium, highlights the great opportunity to take part in a local initiative on diversity and inclusion. “We look forward to partnering with the LDIA and to joining forces with the other members of this association. This represents a unique chance for our organizations to collaborate on projects and to build more diverse law firms.” 

Diversity and inclusion is part of our Firm’s core values and collective identity. “We truly believe that a diverse and inclusive working environment is essential”, adds Jean-François Vandenberghe, Diversity & Inclusion partner at Baker McKenzie Belgium. “Fostering a culture where individuals of every gender identity, sexual orientation and ethnicity may succeed professionally creates a stronger united workforce.”
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