The Philippines-Australia Business Council (PABC) held the third roundtable discussion on the Philippine Mineral Reporting Code (PMRC), on Thursday, 4 October 2018, at the Manila Elks Club, Corinthian Plaza building, Makati City.   

The following topics were covered:

  • “PMRC Committee: Its Formation & Future” by Mr. Ciceron A. Angeles Jr. (Geological Society of the Philippines, Director), and
  • "PSE’s Mandate of Disclosure: PMRC in Focus” by Atty. Roel Refran (Philippine Stock Exchange, Chief Operating Officer)

The primary objective of this third roundtable discussion is to form the PMRC Committee among its stakeholders, coming from the Geological Society of the Philippines (GSP), the Philippine Society of Mining Engineers (PSEM), and the Society of Metallurgical Engineers of the Philippines (SMEP) and the various supporting organizations.  Key movers of the industry, such as GSP, PSEM, and SMEP, were well-represented during the meeting. Regulators from the Mines and Geosciences Bureau, Department of Energy, and the Philippine Stock Exchange were likewise in attendance.  

Also present were Rufino Bomasang (Professional Regulation Commission Board of Mechanical Engineering), Alberto P. Morillo (GSP President), Alberto V. Amorsolo, Jr. (SMEP President), MGB Regional Director Roger de Dios (PSEM President), MGB Regional Director Armando Malicse (PSEM, Past President), Brad Norman (Australia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce, Vice-President), Cornelio Casido (Professional Regulation Commission Board of Mechanical Engineering), Donald Estrella (PSEM Director), Earl Jan Nera (Department of Energy), Eric Nera (SMEP), Fernando Penarroyo (GSP, Director), George Baquiran (GSP Competent Person Accreditation Committee Chairperson), Jake Foronda (SMEP), Johan Raadsma (Philippine Mining and Exploration Association, Vice-President), Jose Saret (PSEM), Marcelo Bolano (PSEM), Pocholo C. Domondon (Isla Lipana & Co/PWC, Partner), Raymundo Savella (GSP, Vice-President), Fred Monsada (SMEP), Violy Searby (PABC Past Chair), Teddy Villanueva (PABC Vice-Chair), Fred Chua (PABC Trustee), Sixto Benedicto (PABC member/chair of Benedicto Steel Corporation), and Jennifer Lee (PABC Corporate Secretary).

Quisumbing Torres and the PABC

QT continues to support PABC in its efforts to promote trade, economic and technical cooperation between the Philippines and Australia. 
The council aims to work with its counterpart Australia-Philippines Business Council (APBC) to create greater synergy between the Philippine and Australian business sectors in the areas of information and communications technology, mining, and renewable energy by providing opportunities for both sides to pursue investments and joint ventures.
PABC was jointly organized in July 1975 by the Philippine Chamber of Industries and the Council of Economic Development, its counterpart council in Australia, the APBC was also established on the same year.

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