Our Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry Group of Baker McKenzie prepared this important publication for our clients, with the help of our specialized teams in different areas.

It is a multi-jurisdictional guide that covers the most important legal aspects that impact the industry that operates in Mexico, including the following:

  1. Regulatory framework
  2. Clinical research
  3. Competent authorities
  4. Pricing and public procurement
  5. Promotion and advertising
  6. Manufacturing
  7. Distribution
  8. Import and export
  9. Pharmaceutical patents
  10. Related intellectual property
  11. Antitrust
  12. Contracts and transactions
  13. Investigations  and anti-corruption
  14. Product liability
  15. Privacy

Noteworthy, this year we were invited not only to prepare the chapter for Mexico, due to our ranking in band 1 (individual and collective), but also the Introduction to the global guide, thanks as well to our global ranking obtained in Life Sciences.
The lawyers who acted as Global Editors and wrote the Introduction were Ben McLaughlin (Global Head of Healthcare), Christian Lopez-Silva (Head of Healthcare & Life Sciences in Mexico) and Els Janssens (Global Healthcare Support Professional).

  • Download the chapter for Mexico here

We appreciate the support and contribution of the following lawyers: Raymundo Enriquez, Gerardo Calderon, Alfonso Cortes, Javier Jaime, Antonio Ambrosi, Carlos Valencia, Erik Gutierrez, Alejandro Perez-Serrano, Sergio Legorreta, Marina Hurtado, Daniel Villanueva, Alejandra Roman, Adriana Ibarra, Jose Hoyos, Deyanira Flores and Abad Escobar, who collaborated in the development of this guide.

With this publication we demonstrate to the market our leadership in the industry and our combined ability to offer comprehensive legal services on Life Sciences.

Click here to meet the wider group of lawyers who have been included as part of the recognized industry group for Mexico.

We are confident you will find this guide useful. We are happy to address any question and to provide any further assistance.



Dr. Christian Lopez-Silva

Partner, Head of Healthcare & Life Sciences

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