Our partner Dr. Christian Lopez-Silva participated as a guest speaker for the National Bioethics Commission (CONBIOÉTICA) at their 2018 Videoconference Cycle, where he talked about the legal aspects of informed consent in clinical trials, particularly pharmaceutical research.

Christian addressed various aspects during his talk, including the different scenarios where it is necessary to have consent to perform medical procedures, the applicable regulatory framework in general, some of the most relevant specific provisions, some resolutions of the Supreme Court of Justice applicable, as well as the responsibilities for breaching informed consent.

The National Bioethics Commission (CONBIOETICA) is a decentralized body of the Ministry of Health with technical and operational autonomy, responsible for (i) defining national health policies related to bioethics, (ii) serving as a national consultation body on bioethics, and (iii) promoting debates on bioethical issues with the participation of the various stakeholders.

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