Baker McKenzie in Paris has announced the launch of an artificial intelligence platform as part of its digital transformation strategy.

This personal assistant, named Lancelaw, provides the lawyers with a weekly selection of both relevant and personalised news on the transformation of the law profession as well as innovation. Based on machine learning techniques and “neuronal circuits”, it has been trained by two lawyers from the Paris office to learn to prioritise its sources.

Now learning by itself, it continues to develop and fine-tune even further the selections it makes. Magalie Dansac Le Clerc, Partner in Information Technologies and Communications, and Thomas Defaux, senior associate in Intellectual Property proudly revealed that “as Lancelaw’s tutors, we have devoted several months to the education of the robot, with the support of different lawyers from the Firm involved in this project. Our ‘made in Baker McKenzie’ robot has turned out to be a very precious source, right from the first weeks of its use”.

The AI technology underlying this robot was developed by the innovator Benoît Raphaël, who founded Flint, a collaborative media project between humans and robots, in 2017. “It is a robot who learns from our actions and with whom we have a special relationship – this interaction makes it possible to both surprise and enrich the persons who use it. Baker McKenzie is the first law firm to embark upon this amazing adventure with us”, recounted Benoît Raphaël.

“The result of a fruitful collaboration between Benoît Raphaël’s teams and our lawyers, Lancelaw constitutes a concrete example of our command of new technologies and our innovation strategy”, pointed out Arnaud Cabanes, Managing Partner of Baker McKenzie in Paris.

Lancelaw is effectively part of an internal innovation programme, which aims to experiment with new innovative working methods in order to continue to improve the customer experience. This programme began in 2017 through a partnership with 42, the first entirely free computer programming school in France, including an initiation in the new peer-to-peer teaching methods of the school. The programme continued with a hackathon, the first one organised by an international business law firm, in February 2018, in partnership with 42 and the innovation studio Schoolab.

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