Baker McKenzie joins more than 50 other leading global companies that are committing to drive change, specifically pledging to:

  • Accelerate progress in the representation of women, including women of color, in executive/senior level positions over five years.
  • Maintain (where strong) or accelerate the representation of women, including women of color, on the Company’s Board of Directors (or equivalent) over five years.
  • Strengthen the pipeline of women through an annual review of internal diagnostics and leverage leading practices to address any identified issues.
  • Benchmark and track inclusion and improve the culture of inclusion within the organization.
  • Share key representation metrics with Catalyst for benchmarking and for anonymized reporting of our collective aggregate progress.

"Having a richly diverse and fully inclusive global community enables us to find the best solutions for each other and our stakeholders," said Paul Rawlinson, Baker McKenzie's Global Chair. As a proud Champion For Change our commitment to seeing gender equality at all levels across the globe is a key pillar to being a truly inclusive Firm.”

“Our Catalyst CEO Champions For Change companies represent more than 9 million employees and more than $1.7 trillion dollars in revenue globally. The positive ripple effect from their commitment is tremendous in helping to build workplaces where everyone has a fair chance to succeed,” said Ilene H. Lang, Interim President and CEO, Catalyst.
Read the full Catalyst CEO Champions For Change pledge at

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