California drives United States privacy law, while the proliferation of privacy-related legislation in the state leaves many companies, big and small, in an ongoing struggle to stay compliant.

In 2015, Lothar Determann wrote the first comprehensive commentary on California privacy law, including coverage of Federal privacy laws and questions of preemption. A second edition followed in 2017. This year, the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) launched a third edition that delivers guidance, at a glance, in regard to more than one hundred statutes.

“This handbook is essential for any company doing business in California,” says Tricia Timm, Founder and CEO of GCAssist. “From simple-to-read summaries on the law to tips on setting up a data privacy compliance program, Lothar Determann’s "California Privacy Law" has everything you need to know as in-house counsel to comply with the privacy laws in California. A must-have reference book for any legal department.”

Charles Dick, General Counsel of the San Diego Bar Association notes, “Determann’s new guide to privacy law in California is a most useful tool that covers an important topic in a comprehensive way. It is written in understandable language, can be digested without prior knowledge of the subject, and includes practical suggestions for selecting sensible privacy policies that are consistent with the circumstances of individual businesses. This is a book to have within an arm’s reach of anybody in California who is responsible for administering privacy policies.”

The commentary offers invaluable drafting tips based on specific legal requirements, an in-depth analysis on the CA enforcement landscape, as well as risk mitigation options.

Author: Lothar Determann, Partner Baker McKenzie, Palo Alto 
ISBN: 978-1-62881-077-6

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