Quisumbing Torres promotes diversity and inclusion through its very own Diversity & Inclusion committee. Led by Alain Charles Veloso, partner in QT's Corporate & Commercial Practice Group and a member of the Competition Focus Group, the team is set to build awareness and formulate policies and initiatives that will foster an inclusive and supportive workplace. The group recently held its first meeting last 12 February 2018, which included discussions regarding the committee's future platforms and projects. Charles is joined by other QT lawyers and personnel who also occupy roles in the team: Christina Macasaet-Acaban, Jay Patrick Santiago, Ana Carmi Calsado-Amoroso, Dranyl Jared Amoroso, Kristine Anne Mercado-Tamayo, Reena Mitra-Ventanilla, Jannefer Janice Pelayo, Oliva Urgel and David Bellen.

With the recent election of Charles as the new chair of the committee, the firm envisions a more active promotion of an inclusive culture within the organization. "At QT, we thrive on empowerment, open dialogue and inclusive working styles. We see diversity and inclusion as a comprehensive strategy to enhance employee engagement and drive performance," Charles said. "My personal challenge is to close the gap between what is said and what is actually done in the area of D&I."

The group's initiatives focus on the creation of a Grievance Committee which will address firm-wide diversity and inclusion related issues / incidents, and the revision of the current Baker McKenzie Global Diversity and Inclusion Committee protocols. Tailor-made policies for QT are to be drafted in order to provide the best support and opportunities to the workforce and stakeholders, regardless of disabilities, belief or lack of belief, gender identity, socio-economic background or sexual orientation. The guidelines on Gender Equality, Minority / Ethnic Minority Groups and LGBT+ are among the key principles that the committee members are currently working on.

The team also seeks to accomplish a number of undertakings until the end of 2019, aside from quarterly meetings and external tie-ups, the D&I committee will also be organizing events, which will include the Sexual Orientation Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) Seminar, HIV/AIDS Awareness Talk, Bias-Awareness Talk and Gender Monitoring.

Diversity and Inclusion is integral to QT's vision. Baker & McKenzie International, of which QT is a member firm, envisions itself to be the global law firm of choice through a collaborative, diverse, inclusive, and rewarding workplace and culture.


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