Leading global law firm Baker McKenzie has launched the 4th edition of its Global Product Recall Handbook. The handbook is a user-friendly reference guide to product recall laws and regulations for consumer products around the world.

It includes:

  • summarized and integrated information about product recall laws and related regulatory standards in 45 countries;
  • coverage of general consumer products as well as a specific focus on the healthcare, food and drink and motor vehicle industries;
  • a dedicated Dynamic Publisher site and accompanying mobile app;
  • the collected advice of lawyers throughout Baker McKenzie, from 7,000 internationally experienced lawyers across 77 offices, including 36 of the world's largest economies.

As Erin Maus and Kate Corby, the Handbook's editors, explain, global movement of products and the complexities that can present for product safety make this an important tool for clients, "The global movement of products is a reality for most companies, large and small, with components and products ending up in jurisdictions far away - and often far different - from their own.

With these realities comes the need to address the possibility that somewhere in the chain of supply or distribution, product safety may be compromised and corrective action may be required. Our new handbook demonstrates our commitment to addressing these new challenges."

The Handbook also complements  Baker McKenzie's Global Product Recall Portal, an online repository that contains everything a company needs to manage the legal aspects of a product recall

Baker McKenzie's global team of product compliance and risk management specialists helps companies around the world to manage the legal obligations and risks related to the development, manufacture, use, safety, recovery and disposal of products. Their multi-jurisdictional team tracks the evolution of compliance standards and works closely with enforcement authorities, as well acting in product liability related litigation and arbitration.  . 

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