Companies, lawyers, privacy officers and marketing and IT professionals are increasingly facing privacy issues. While information is freely available, it can be difficult to grasp a problem quickly. Baker McKenzie Partner Lothar Determann’s "Field Guide to Data Privacy Law" – now in its Third Edition - identifies key issues and provides concise practical guidance for an increasingly complex field shaped by rapid change in international laws, technology and society.

“Lothar Determann has done a great service to the field of privacy by providing practical, workable advice for a dynamic and challenging issue," said J. Trevor Hughes, President and CEO of the International Association of Privacy Professionals. "This Field Guide will certainly be a valuable and soon dog-eared addition to any privacy professional’s reference library.”

The third edition includes significant changes to data privacy law since 2015, such as the challenges companies face as they move data to cloud solutions. With data privacy law enforcement at an all time high, readers will benefit from this introduction to key data privacy concepts and the useful, practical guidance on starting, maintaining, and auditing compliance programs. Step-by-step direction on drafting privacy documentation is provided, with ‘how-to’ suggestions for tackling other tasks and projects. In addition, the book offers an A-Z list of hot topics, organized by commonly used words and terms.

"Lothar has produced an incredibly useful synthesis of privacy law from around the globe,” said Daniel J. Solove, Professor at The George Washington University School of Law. “Covering so many divergent international privacy laws could take thousands of pages, but Lothar’s guide is remarkably concise and practical. With great command of the laws and decades of seasoned experience, Lothar finds the common ground and the wisest approaches to compliance. This is definitely an essential reference for anyone who must navigate privacy challenges in the global economy.”

In addition, the third edition’s updated checklists and guidance based on EU General Data Protection Regulation and other new laws and cases will be particularly useful for compliance officers and corporate counsel. 

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