Baker McKenzie awards the best dissertation and professorial thesis in commercial law at the Frankfurt Goethe University

This year the award went to Dr. Julian Raphael Wagner, LL.M., and private lecturer Dr. Anna Katharina Mangold, LL.M., honoring them for their dissertation and professorial thesis, respectively. Endowed with 6,000 euros in total, the prize was presented by Dr. Matthias Scholz, Managing Partner of Baker McKenzie Germany and Austria.

Julian Raphael Wagner was awarded the prize for his dissertation entitled "The integrated concept of the Industrial Emissions Directive and its implementation into German law – The realignment of the German law on permits for industrial installations" (Das integrierte Konzept der IE-Richtlinie und seine Umsetzung im deutschen Recht – Zur Neuausrichtung des deutschen Anlagenzulassungsrechts). In his dissertation, Julian developed a proposal for the implementation of the directive into German law that is consistent with European law. "His dissertation is a truly exceptional piece of scientific work," comments Prof. Dr. Indra Spiecker, called Döhmann, LL.M., Wagner's mentoring professor.

Anna Katharina Mangold was awarded for her professorial thesis titled "Democratic inclusion through law. Anti-discrimination law as a factor enabling the democratic encounter of the free and equal" (Demokratische Inklusion durch Recht. Antidiskriminierungsrecht als Ermöglichungsbedingung der demokratischen Begegnung von Freien und Gleichen). In her evaluation of the professorial thesis, Prof. Dr. Ute Sacksofsky states: "Dr. Mangold was able to show that the anti-discrimination law is not an alien element in the free and democratic constitutional state which unduly limits the principle of freedom of action, but that the protection against discrimination is one of its key requirements."

Since 1988, Baker McKenzie presents the award for exceptional dissertations or professorial theses written within the law department of the Frankfurt Goethe University.

"The Baker McKenzie Award is a traditional and important part of our efforts to promote legal talent," says Dr. Matthias Scholz, emphasizing the Firm's close ties with the Goethe University: "We sponsor students within the scope of the National Scholarship Program of the Goethe University right from the start, and many of our attorneys lecture at the university located in Germany's financial center, Frankfurt."

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