Leading global law firm Baker McKenzie has launched its Global Trade Secrets Handbook: A Practical and Legal Guide, which takes a look at how trade secrets are protected, what businesses need to be aware of, the risk of employee misappropriation and cyber security breaches, and what to do if trade secrets get into the wrong hands.

With general counsel and business decision makers in mind and amid increasing number of disputes and litigation in the trade secrets space, Baker McKenzie developed this timely resource to help guide businesses in reducing the risk of unauthorized use of trade secrets by employees and contractors.

It covers the key legal areas they need to know about, including substantive law, process and remedies as well as future developments.  The guide also contains discussion surrounding three commercial scenarios involving trade secret breaches and provides practical and commercial guidance.
The Handbook is available online through and features the ability to:

  • review content by jurisdiction or by legal topic or query
  • compare answers by jurisdiction
  • download in content in word or pdf
  • view supporting articles and infographics

Kevin O'Brien, leading Trade Secrets expert at Baker McKenzie said,

"Trade Secret law is changing rapidly as companies and governments realize the importance of protecting proprietary information for their businesses and strengthen their overall economy."

Our new handbook demonstrates our commitment to addressing these new challenges. It is designed to give practical guidance to lawyers on the front lines navigating this complex landscape.

The Handbook is primarily available online via the Global IP Suite. Client contacts will simply click on “request access” link and fill out basic user information. Alternatively, clients can request access by sending their details to GIPknowhow@bakermckenzie.com.

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