Baker McKenzie has become one of the first global law firms to put its weight behind the call for 'equal pay for work of equal value'.  Acting as a Champion for gender parity in the private sector, the Firm's global chairman , Paul Rawlinson, recently voiced the Firm's full support and his own personal pledge to encourage businesses to reduce the global gender pay gap by 2030.

At the launch of the UN Women’s new “Champions of the Global Equal Pay Coalition",  Baker McKenzie's global chair Paul Rawlinson addressed measures that the private sector must take in order to bridge the gender pay gap:

At Baker McKenzie we don’t see gender equality as a “women’s” issue.  It is a business issue, and one that both men and women must champion. There is a clear way forward and that is to invest in women and retain the best talent.

Paul went on to comment that "notably this issue is not going to be solved overnight, but we want to be part of the solution. I have a young daughter and it's my hope that by the time she enters the workplace, the gender pay gap will no longer exist."

Earlier this year Baker McKenzie signed the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles, involving a pledge to “Measure and publicly report on progress to achieve gender equality”. Marking a commitment to publicly report on progress toward achieving global aspirational targets for gender, this is a part of the Firm's annual communication on progress to the UN Global Compact, of which it is a member.

This championing of equal pay is part of a suite of D&I measure the world's most international law firm has put in place to both retain and attract the best talent:

  • All executive board members have specific performance targets tied to diversity and globally we are members of the 30% Club which promotes women’s leadership on corporate boards.
  • Gender diversity targets have been set to ensure that women comprise at least 40% of local/national partners and at least 30% of principals and leadership positions.
  • A new sponsorship program launched this year to match high-potential women attorneys with senior leaders to help advance their careers to the next level. The program is designed to help close the gap in our Global Aspirational Targets for leadership, principal and national partner levels.  Sponsors are advocates in positions of authority who use their influence intentionally to help others advance.
  • Unconscious bias training helps address subconscious bias in evaluations, work allocation and promotion discussions, as well as day-to-day office relationships.
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