Baker McKenzie has launched a flexible work initiative for all employees in North America, providing increased access to a range of agile working arrangements including telecommuting and working alternative schedules.

The program, called bAgile, is part of Baker McKenzie's global commitment to creating more opportunities for flexible working. The launch of bAgile is in part based on the results of a recent internal engagement survey that showed workplace flexibility was a key priority for many of the Firm's employees.

"bAgile is designed to educate, inspire and facilitate a consistent approach to more flexible ways of working – for all of our people," said Rick Hammett, Baker McKenzie's North America Managing Partner. "Whether supporting family or career commitments, balancing work with significant life events, or working across time zones and locations, we know that offering our people flexibility in when and how they work, consistent with our clients' needs, will allow them to pursue a fulfilling life both outside work and in it."

The Firm's bAgile program in North America offers four types of flexible work arrangements:

• Remote working: working away from the usual office of employment

• Alternative hours: working and taking breaks in a pattern other than the standard office hours

• Less than full-time: a reduction in standard hours

• Time out: taking additional leave or taking a longer unpaid break for family, personal or development reasons.

Although not every role will be suitable for every type of flexibility, the Firm is committed to working with each employee to find opportunities for agile working where possible.

Added Rick Hammett, "It's about mutual flexibility, and our commitment to thinking laterally about how, when and where work can be done. It is about respect for each of our people as individuals with lives and priorities beyond the workplace, and about recognizing that we can be productive while sometimes working in different ways and at different times."

Flexible work arrangements have been available at Baker McKenzie for a number of years in many of the Firm's offices. The bAgile program formalizes the policies to offer a consistent understanding and experience of flexible working across North America.

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