Baker McKenzie advised Polyphor Ltd on the contractual agreements for an award of research funds. Polyphor, a biotech company headquartered in Alschwill, Switzerland, receives a CHF 2.3 million award from the Wellcome Trust to advance the development of a novel class of antibiotics. The “Seeding Drug Discovery Award” will help support the development of broad-spectrum, Gram-negative pre-clinical product candidates.

Our client pursues the strategy of translating innovative research into new drugs that address major unmet medical needs. We were able to advise Polyphor on all contractual agreements regarding the award for the development of a new class of antibiotics to address infections caused by multi-resistant pathogens. Once again, we had the opportunity to contribute our experience in a scarcely standardized, innovative area,

comments Dr. Matthias Eggert, Partner of the Banking & Finance Practice Group in Munich.

Polyphor is a privately held Swiss Specialty Pharma company focused on the development of macrocycle drugs that address antibiotic resistance and rare pulmonary diseases. In addition, Polyphor is developing a new class of broad-spectrum OMPTA (Outer Membrane Protein Targeting Antibiotics), to address infections caused by difficult to treat, resistant Gram-negative pathogens – one of the most pressing emerging medical needs.

Wellcome is a global charitable foundation, politically and financially independent, supporting scientists and researchers working to improve human health.

Legal team advising Polyphor Ltd:


 Banking & Finance: Dr. Matthias Eggert (Partner, Munich)

Further team:

IP: Dr. Constanze Ulmer-Eilfort (Partner, Munich), Fabian Böttger, LL.M. (Senior Associate, Munich)

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