Quisumbing Torres attended the Legislative Committee Meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines last January 25th at the organization’s Makati headquarters. Rodrigo Lope S. Quimbo, a partner at Quisumbing Torres, was the guest speaker at the meeting. He spoke about federalism and how it might affect the Philippines.

The committee meeting was attended by several members of the AmCham as well as guests from various sectors of the business community. Guests included representatives from transportation, automotive and consumer industries. The meeting was presided by John Forbes, who is the Committee Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines.


Rodrigo Quimbo discusses the pros and cons of shifting to federalism

During his talk, Quimbo shared some information on the history of governance in the Philippines, and the Duterte administration's recent plans to shift to a federal system of government. He also talked about the pros and cons of the shift to federalism.

“Federalism is going to radically change the current Philippine governmental setup. It may be a very problematic transition such that at some point, people will say ‘Why don’t we just abandon this plan and go back to the unitary system?’” said Quimbo.

Questions were also raised during the discussion such as ‘How is a federal government under the Duterte administration going to look like?’ and ‘Are the Filipinos ready for federalism?’

Quimbo pointed out that at this time, there is no clear picture of the proposed studies of federal government. He also said that the country needs to address problems in its educational system, as well as issues relating to anti-dynasty bill.

Quimbo opined that, “federalism can succeed if you have a high standard of education amongst people. If the educational system is poor, then this is a concept that people may neither understand nor appreciate,” shared Quimbo.

The talk on federalism was concluded with a Q & A discussion where guests shared their own views on the topic.


Professional Summary of Rodrigo Lope S. Quimbo

Rodrigo Quimbo is a partner in Quisumbing Torres' Dispute Resolution Practice Group. He heads the Firm's Compliance Focus Group and the Aviation, Aerospace & Defense Industry Group. Mr. Quimbo has 26 years of experience representing clients in litigation, dispute resolution, and arbitration. He is well-regarded in transportation and aviation work. Under his leadership, Quisumbing Torres earned recognition as a Tier 1 firm for Aviation in Legal 500 Asia Pacific from 2007 to 2016.

Mr. Quimbo also teaches Transportation and Public Utility law at the University of the Philippines College of Law. He is a well-regarded speaker, having spoken in various legal fora and Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) sessions.

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