Since our founding in 1949 Baker McKenzie has been committed to principles and values of respect for the individual, a commitment to diversity and inclusion for all and a commitment to globalisation with responsibility. I believe that commitment is just as strong and important today.

Since the signing by President Trump on Friday of the Executive Order on immigration our lawyers have been advising numerous clients on the implications of the legislation despite the fact that the situation is very fluid and rife with confusion. This is impacting on many of our clients’ ability to move affected individuals freely.

In the short-term, we recommend that our corporate clients survey their employee populations immediately to identify individuals who are from these countries and who may be traveling to and from the United States. We have also recommended they establish a point of contact within their company to work directly with outside legal counsel to assist those affected. Communicating that protocol to the larger employee population may help to allay fears during this period of uncertainty.

On a broader scale, in the coming weeks we anticipate these changes will likely impact travel times and the levels of scrutiny all travelers face.

Several of our lawyers also worked over the weekend on a Pro Bono basis at US airports to help those individuals who were detained to answer their questions and to connect affected persons with assistance. Most importantly our own talent teams are urgently assessing whether any of our own people are directly impacted.

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