Baker McKenzie, Marque Lawyers, Maurice Blackburn and Squire Patton Boggs are the first law firms in the country to openly encourage the Government to not hold a plebiscite on marriage equality, but instead to move swiftly to introduce legislation to amend the Marriage Act without delay so that the matter can be addressed and voted on in parliament.

The Law Institute of Victoria recently wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister addressing some of the key reasons why a plebiscite is not an appropriate course of action to take to address an underlying issue of discrimination against members of the LGBTI community.  These four law firms have chosen to publicly endorse that letter and they collectively affirm that equality before the law should not be dependent on public opinion, nor is there a justification for the tax-payer funded plebiscite and the social dislocation it will cause.

It is hoped that other members of the legal profession will make the same open commitment to ending this form of discrimination, not just by signing the marriage equality letter at Australian Marriage Equality, but by publicly requesting that the Government reconsider its position on holding a plebiscite and deal immediately with ending this form of discrimination by the only legal means possible, allowing our Federal Parliament to consider and pass legislation to amend the Marriage Act.

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