Baker McKenzie has created the multi-disciplinarian network "BMK Digital" forming an alliance between law and technology experts.

The team, comprising business lawyers from Baker McKenzie and specialist technology consultants from Legal & Digital, has developed a unique common offering. This offering satisfies a double need at the level of enterprises: it integrates more efficiently the technological challenges induced by a given legal context and anticipates the legal issues linked to the implementation of new technologies. More specifically, this offering relies on the high-performance, automated computer processing of tax, legal, social and accounting data.

“BMK Digital’s ambition is to provide a global offering which encompasses all areas of law; the objective is to place unique technological expertise at the service of business law” announced Arnaud Cabanes, Managing Partner of Baker McKenzie Paris.

By creating BMK Digital, Baker McKenzie has once again shown its dynamism and its capacity to innovate to provide support with the changes in the legal profession and propose well adapted solutions to businesses which each day are faced with the challenges of the digital transformation.

This alliance between legal and technical expertise, which is unique in the sector of business law firms, acts in particular on the strategic issues linked to datamining, cybersecurity and the management of complex projects

Jocelyn Grignon, manager of Legal & Digital.

BMK Digital adopts a multi-disciplinarian approach which combines strategic vision and operational deployment in order to gain in efficiency and agility. So, for example, BMK Digital deploys continuous audit solutions which make it possible, in real time, to manage financial information efficiently and ensure tax compliance with regard to the law. Thanks to being connected directly to the business’ production systems, the tax department has a genuine continuous tax control plan which guarantees the detection and rapid processing of any anomalies, whatever the geographical coverage and volume of the transaction concerned. BMK Digital also works on the quality of procedures for managing and summarising accounting and tax data. 

The protection of personal data is another example of BMK Digital’s field of intervention. The entry into force of the new European regulation in 2018 cannot be managed without simultaneously dealing with the legal and technological aspects. BMK Digital is capable of carrying out comprehensive legal and information systems audits and of mapping data as well as the way in which they are processed. BMK Digital also enables companies to improve their training in the management of personal data thanks to the implementation of better processes for the classification and management of data and data processing.

As far as cybersecurity is concerned, BMK Digital enables an optimised management of risks and crises linked to cyber-risks. As part of a preventive approach, BMK Digital guarantees that a wide range of technological risks are taken into consideration and a detailed assessment of the state-of-the-art in contracts linking the enterprise and its partners.  The control of risks and the precision of contractual commitments optimises the insurance cover needs. During and after the incident, the conservation and utilisation of the elements of proof are crucial in successfully conducting the necessary proceedings. The BMK Digital multi-disciplinarian approach is an indispensable component of successful crisis management. 

The members of the BMK Digital network are committed to applying the most stringent ethical rules, in this case those of the legal profession and more generally the Baker McKenzie code of business conduct.

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