As businesses continue to expand across regions, real estate tax information from different jurisdictions has become essential to discerning decision makers. Baker & McKenzie’s 7th edition of its Global Real Estate Taxation Guide continues to provide tax information on basic real estate transactions across jurisdictions.


Each chapter summarizes a country’s tax treatment of real estate investments, from acquisition to disposal. It also provides an overview of the main tax rates that are pertinent to the real estate industry and includes a general discussion of the tax incentives given to Real Estate Investments Trusts (REITs) and other similar real estate investment vehicles.  


In a new easy-to-read format, the Guide spans 40 countries and provides guidance on several key areas:

  • Corporation income tax rate Local income tax rate
  • Corporation tax on capital gain
  • Domestic withholding tax rate on dividends
  • Domestic withholding tax rate on interest
  • Transfer tax rates/Acquisition costs
  • VAT rate applicable to real estate  

“Global tax regimes on real estate are diverse and complex, and often become increasingly difficult to understand, particularly for businesses with investments across multiple countries. From attracting initial capital to facilitating a successful exit, virtually every real estate-related decision and transaction has tax implications,” said Jose Larroque, Chair of Baker & McKenzie's Global Real Estate Practice Group. “Real estate requires in-depth due diligence from a tax perspective, something which our Guide can provide.”  


To access Baker & McKenzie’s 7th edition of the Global Real Estate Taxation Guide, please visit  or contact Patrick O’Brien (Patrick.O'

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