In coordination with Bloomberg BNA, Global Equity Services ("GES") partner Valerie Diamond has co-authored the publication, Global Share Plans: Issues for Multinational Employers. The new Tax Management Portfolio provides practitioners with guidance on the tax and other compliance considerations involved with a roll out of a global share plan for a multinational employer.  Diamond co-authored the Portfolio with Sandra Wieder Cohen, a partner at Cohen & Buckmann, PC.

Many global employers desire to include their employees worldwide in the ownership of an enterprise.  However, finding the right plan design that the multinational employer can effectively operate on a global basis is challenging as local tax rules in each country have to be considered and these rules may conflict from one jurisdiction to another. 

The Portfolio provides a roadmap to the key issues to launching and maintaining tax efficiency and compliance in offering a global equity plan.  Although the task is complicated, this Portfolio provides a framework for employers on approaching a global share plan initiative and executing the project successfully. 

 "In the true spirit of the Tax Management Portfolios, Global Share Plans: Issues for Multinational Employers provides tax practitioners with in-depth insights and practical examples to help them navigate this increasingly complex area,” said Lisa Fitzpatrick, Bloomberg BNA’s Vice President and General Manager, Tax & Accounting.  “While global share plans are exceedingly complicated to design and maintain, the authors have developed a unique resource that provides essential information and guidance to both companies with a well-established international employee presence as well as companies starting to expand internationally." 

"Multinational companies have moved beyond one-off grants of equity to employees in other countries to equity compensation plan designs and strategies that must operate tax effectively on a global and long-term incentive basis,” said Diamond.  “The Portfolio is intended to provide companies with a resource to navigate the differences and complexities of tax rules for share plans around the globe and to learn how to design equity compensation plans in a tax efficient, multijurisdictional manner."

Global Share Plans: Issues for Multinational Employers is available to subscribers of the Bloomberg BNA U.S. Income Portfolios Library and can also be purchased as an individual publication from the Bloomberg BNA website at

The Portfolio further expands the suite of valuable resources authored by Baker & McKenzie's GES practice. Baker & McKenzie's GES practice works with multinational employers to design, implement, and maintain equity-based compensation programs for their global employees, consultants, and directors. GES lawyers also have extensive experience with the global ramifications of adjusting and converting the rights under outstanding options or other equity awards, the use of replacement awards in corporate transactions, and the cancellation of equity awards for cash or merger consideration, as well as how global equity plans are impacted if they are assumed by a new issuer by means of a merger, acquisition, or spin off.  

In addition, the practice offers an innovative free mobile app that provides information on the key tax, securities, exchange control, labor and data privacy issues for equity and cash awards awarded to employees around the world. The GES practice also authors a blog, "The Global Equity Equation", that provides engaging, timely updates and analysis on the most pressing trends and developments affecting the design, implementation, and maintenance of global compensation programs.

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