As innovation continues to drive increasingly competitive global markets, Baker McKenzie has launched its new Employee Creations Handbook (ECH) to help effectively manage employee intellectual property. Using qualitative  data and a detailed exploration of legislation and case law, the Handbook is a comprehensive resource for the strategic navigation of the complexities of employee-developed creations.  

The ECH has been devised to assist the legal counsels of global companies learn in a practical way about the particularities of the legal framework related to the assignment of intellectual properties developed by employees in 34 jurisdictions. It not only contains a summary of the most relevant local laws related to this area, but it also includes best practices for the company during and after the termination of the agreement,  as well as tips to facilitate the administrative efforts of the company and to reduce costs.      

The new Handbook provides guidance on: The legal framework behind the rights and obligations relevant to employee inventions and creations Practical tips and best practices for managing technical inventions and drafting IP rights assignment covenants Rules on confidentiality and non-compete covenants necessary to protect a company's IP assets.   

"Companies are built on the strength of their innovation in the market and in our service-oriented, technological economy, employee creativity can be a huge commercial advantage, creating valuable assets towards the longevity of a business," says Eva-Maria Strobel, Partner at Baker McKenzie and co-author of the ECH Handbook. "In today's global environment, having a gateway to multijurisdictional standards that define the ownership and control of intellectual property rights is crucial to the success of any company."   

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