Baker & McKenzie has been ranked fourth among large law firms in the LTO Young Professionals Survey 2016 and is, thus, again one of the top 5 in this category.

It was the second time that the editors of Legal Tribune Online (LTO) conducted a survey among young lawyers. Almost 5,500 trainee lawyers, law students and graduates participated, that is about 2,500 more than in the preceding year. As regards the number of participants, it has been the largest survey so far among this target group according to LTO.

From October 2015 to March 2016, LTO gathered the answers by way of an online survey. The editors focused on 35 aspects in total, such as: Which employers are most attractive to young lawyers? What are your salary expectations? What aspects are more important to you than money? The participants were not only addressed via the LTO website and LTO's social media sites, but also via LTO's partners ELSA Deutschland, Talent Rocket, Clavisto, Lawyered and, as well as directly on the university sites.

For an overview of all survey results, please see the following link:

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