The Paris office of Baker & McKenzie has announced the re-appointment of Arnaud Cabanes as Managing Partner and the renewal of its Management Committee for the next two years. This management team took up office on July 1, and now counts Eric Meier and Léna Sersiron as its new elected members. 


The Management Committee includes the following members:   

Arnaud Cabanes, 49 years’ old, Managing Partner of the Paris office since 2014. He joined Baker & McKenzie in Paris in 1996 and set up the Public Law and Environment Practice of which he became a Partner in 2003. He advises private companies, public enterprises and establishments and large local authorities on public procurement law and contract law issues as well as on town planning and environmental law matters. He also works in these fields in administrative litigation and public criminal law proceedings.  As Managing Partner at the head of the Management Committee, he is in charge of the development of the firm and of overseeing the implementation of the strategic plan.    

Marie-Françoise Bréchignac, 54 years’ old, a Partner in the Mergers & Acquisitions Practice since 2000. She works with the firm’s clients both at national and at international level, advising them daily in the different areas of corporation law, in particular in connection with merger operations. She also assists the firm’s clients with complex restructuring issues. She regularly speaks atnseminars and during training courses on corporation law.         

Yves Gautier, 52 years’ old, Managing Director of the Paris office since 2015. He oversees and coordinates all support functions, including finance, human resources, IT and communications and marketing. As a member of the Management Committee, he assists partners in the implementation of the firm’s strategy and development policy in France and in the EMEA zones (Europe, Middle East & Africa).      

Eric Meier, 45 years’ old, a Partner in the Tax Practice since 2006. He specialises in tax litigation and assistance with tax audits. He assists his clients, in particular with tax related search and seizure procedures, following up tax audits, negotiations with the tax authorities, disputes before the administrative and criminal courts, procedures before the EU institutions and interventions before the French Constitutional Council. He also advises his clients with the analysis of tax risks.                                                                                                     

Léna Sersiron, 42 years’ old, a Partner since 2012, heads the Competition and Distribution Practice at the Paris office. She specialises in competition law, distribution law and contract law. She advises and represents her clients both in French and European cases. Her area of expertise also covers anti-competitive practices, merger control issues and state aid. She also jointly runs the Paris office’s Compliance and Risk Management group. Highly committed to the firm’s CSR actions, she is responsible for the Diversity Committee and is on the Green Committee to coordinate the sustainable development initiatives taken by the Paris office.      

Olivier Vasset, 51 years’ old, a Partner since 2006, is in charge of the Employment Practice at Baker & McKenzie Paris. He has in-depth knowledge of all labour law related issues, both nationally and internationally and works more particularly on complex reorganisation operations. He works on the social consequences linked to mergers and acquisitions, relations with works councils and unions, European works councils and he advises companies in the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements.       

For Arnaud Cabanes: “The Management Committee is appointed for a further two years to continue to develop the activity of the Paris office. The two new elected members of the committee will have their hearts set on providing a new source of proposals as part of the preparation and implementation of the development strategy for Baker & McKenzie Paris.”

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