Supporting China's Global Strategy

China has become a key player in the global economy, fueled by significant growth in foreign direct investment. Chinese outbound investment hit USD 200 billion last year globally, nearly half of which targeted assets in North America and Europe. Combined with an estimated USD 350 billion committed to the Chinese government’s highly ambitious Belt & Road Initiative, the conditions are set for Chinese businesses to continue on a growth trajectory.

As Chinese regulators tighten controls on foreign exchange and many advanced economies rethink their foreign investment policy, it is becoming increasingly important for Chinese investors to remain vigilant about the latest legal and regulatory developments, to ensure that deals and projects are not jeopardized by regulatory changes.

We have a long history of advising Chinese state and privately-owned enterprises on their cross-border investments, offering a full suite of legal services with which to overcome complexities and challenges Chinese businesses face. Coupled with commercial insight in sectors aligned with Beijing’s strategic priorities, such as Automotive, Industrials and Advanced Manufacturing, Renewable Energy and Healthcare, our lawyers are best positioned to help Chinese enterprises achieve their business objectives.