The accelerated adoption of new technology, changing customer expectations, environmental pressures and new market entrants are shifting the competitive landscape for OEMs and suppliers in the future mobility space. There is now a pressing need for industry players to reconsider their current business models in order to navigate a new ecosystem and explore unchartered regulatory space.

In this series of short webcasts, we set out key questions mobility companies should address to stay ahead of the curve by maximizing opportunities and efficiently navigating the legal complexities presented by global trends.

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Future Mobility Meets Smart Cities

In this second installment, we take you around the world of smart cities and the exciting developments happening right now to ensure technology is put at the service of the urban citizen's well-being. Nicolas Kredel, Andrew MacKenzie, Yaeko Hodaka and Raffaele Giarda explore the commercial and legal aspects of a not-so-futuristic topic.


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Future Mobility Meets Sustainability

In this session, Nicolas Kredel, chair of Baker McKenzie's Global Future Mobility Group, is joined by Anahita Thoms, Baker McKenzie's Global IMT Sustainability lead partner, and John Watson, chair of Baker McKenzie's Global Environmental Practice Group, where they address the very topical subject of sustainability and explore how it affects every strand of the business strategies of future mobility companies.


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