As Joe Biden and Kamala Harris enter office as president and vice president of the United States, you can stay informed about the 46th US administration's agenda, policy priorities, and implications for businesses and governments in the United States and around the world. Our US Administration Hub provides insights and analyses from our thought leaders to help you navigate the evolving US law and policy landscape and its impact on the global economy and key industries.

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Brian Whisler on the Justice Department in the Biden Administration
December 6, 2020, JDSupra
Featured expert: Brian Whisler

Tougher Oversight Looms For Hedge Funds Investing In PIPEs
December 4, 2020 Law360
Featured experts: Perrie Weiner, Aaron Goodman and Ben Turner

2020 Election May Mark A Turning Point For Marijuana Law
December 2, 2020, Law360
Featured expert: Tom Firestone

Taxes Under Biden (Podcast)
November 30, 2020, TAXpod
Featured experts: Imke Gerdes, Alexandra Minkovich

DOL Sends Fiduciary Proposal To OMB For Final Review
November 25, 2020, Wealth Management
Featured expert: Valerie Mirko

In a Few Words, What a Biden Administration May Mean For Employers
November 23, 2020, The Employer Report
Featured experts: Mike BrewerCaroline BurnettSusan Eandi

What The Biden-Harris Win Means For Securities Regulation
November 17, 2020, Law360
Featured experts: Amy Greer and Valerie Mirko

Australia: Presumptive Biden Victory Leaves Australia With Work To Do on Climate
November 11, 2020, InsightPlus
Featured experts: Karolina Phillips

This Week in Government Enforcement: Post-Election Edition
November 9, 2020, Recorded Webinar
Featured experts: Jerome Tomas, Tom Firestone, Maurice BellanJohn Fedele and Alison Stafford-Powell

What Biden's Win Means For SEC Enforcement, Leadership
November 8, 2020, Law360
Featured expert: Perrie Weiner

Advisors Shrug Off Uncertain Presidential Election
November 4, 2020, Wealth Management
Featured expert: Valerie Mirko

Election poses fresh challenge for Reg BI
November 2, 2020, Investment News
Featured expert: Valerie Mirko

3 Reasons The Election Will Shape M&A No Matter Who Wins
November 2, 2020, Law360
Featured expert: Michael Fieweger

What Regulatory Reforms Could a Biden Term Bring?
November 1, 2020, National Real Estate Investor 
Featured expert: Valerie Mirko

M&A Dealmakers Concerned About Stimulus and Vaccine Impact — Not Just Election Results
October 30, 2020, The American Lawyer
Featured expert: Derek Liu

DealBook: "Election 2020"
October 29, 2020, New York Times
Featured experts: Michael Brewer, Colin Murray, Alexandra Minkovich, Denmon Sigler

For Stock Markets, ‘an Unwelcome Déjà Vu Feeling'
October 29, 2020, New York Times
Featured expert: Colin Murray

Unfazed By US Election, M&A is Poised for Growth
October 20, 2020, Law360
Featured expert: Michael Fieweger

What Happens to Reg BI Under a Biden Administration?
October 19, 2020, Wealth Management
Featured experts: Amy Greer, Valerie Mirko

DealBook: "Debate preview: Will anyone defend free trade?
September 29, 2020, New York Times
Featured expert: Miguel Noyola

What Shifting FCPA Enforcement Means For Financial Cos 
September 21, 2020, Law360 
Featured experts: Tom Firestone and Daniela Fonseca Puggina

What Presidential Election Means For Securities Regulation 
August 31, 2020, Law 360 
Featured experts: Amy Greer and Valerie Mirko

Managing DOL Fiduciary Rule's Overlap With SEC, Mass. Regs 
July 22, 2020, Law360 
Jennifer Klass and Valerie Mirko

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