Whether you are managing the immediate crisis, stabilizing operations or looking beyond to what a world after COVID-19 will look like, this series features key practical insights intended to strengthen your organization's capacity to respond, recover and thrive.

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Episode 9: The Reopening Playbook Revisited: Building a New Workforce Reality

In a follow up to June's Reopening Playbook episode, we take an updated look at the reopening landscape. As many businesses have since initiated phased reopenings, additional challenges have arisen for employers, who are navigating changing laws, potential litigation and realigning business needs, all in a wildly unpredictable environment. Additionally, as remote operations have become the evolving norm where possible, what will be the long-term impact of this shift on business operations and culture?

For additional insights, visit Building a New Workforce Reality, which has a host of resources for global employers in uncertain times.

Guests: Susan Eandi (Partner, Palo Alto) and Kim Sartin (Partner, London)

Episode 8: Diversifying Supply Chains in Asia Pacific and Beyond

In a follow up to the Shock Proofing Supply Chains episode, we examine how companies are seeking to strengthen and transform their supply chains through diversifying their operations across Asia Pacific and beyond. Find out how businesses are navigating the shifting landscape of global trade wars and government interventions as well as investment and financing trends. This episode includes insights and analyses from our Supply Chains Reimagined: Recovery and Renewal in Asia Pacific and Beyond report, produced in conjunction with Silk Road Associates.

Guests: Guests: Anne Petterd (Partner, and International Commercial & Trade global steering committee lead for Asia Pacific) and Ben Simpfendorfer (Founder & CEO, Silk Road Associates)

Episode 7: Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Strategy as a Driver of Growth and Value

As companies look to build resilience and seek recovery in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the focus on Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) has accelerated on a global scale. In this episode, our experts discuss what companies are doing to drive growth through ESG and sustainable investments and how it is creating long-term value for companies.

For related insights, visit our Sustainable Finance and Built to Last pages. You can also view BlackRock's 2020 letter to CEOs here

Guests: Gabriel Hasson (Vice President of the Americas for BlackRock's Investment Stewardship Group), Paul Curnow (Partner, Head of Sustainable Finance) and Ilona Millar (Partner, Head of Climate and ESG Risk Advisory)  

Episode 6: The Shifting Investment Landscape During COVID-19

The last economic crisis triggered a record amount of deal making, but how does the current landscape differ from 2008?  In this episode, we will look at what to expect from the global M&A landscape, tightening regulations and what potential buyers need to know before making a strategic investment in a distressed company. 

For related insights, visit our Cross-Border M&A Resource Center or read our Opportunities in Distressed M&A report

Guests: Lisa M. Schineller (Managing Director & Lead Analyst, Sovereign & International Public Finance Ratings, S&P Global Ratings), Mike DeFranco (Partner, Chair of Global M&A) and Anna Tavares de Mello (Partner and Head of M&A for Latin America, Trench, Rossi e Watanabe) 

Episode 5: Considerations for Corporate Boards During a Pandemic

During a crisis, companies are forced to react swiftly to disruption, but ill-thought decisions meant to mitigate short-term problems can have profoundly negative impacts for companies in the long-term. This episode will discuss what corporate boards should be thinking about now to evolve in this new era accelerated by COVID-19.

For related insights, visit the 2020 Global Restructuring & Insolvency Guide and our Trust Continuum Hub

Guests: Deb Dandeneau (Partner, Chair of the Global Restructuring and Insolvency Group), Kumar Ponniya (Partner, Singapore), and Bea Araujo (Partner, London)

Episode 4: The Role of Government Interventions on Business Survival and Revival

The significant economic disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic require rapid and efficient responses from governments, but how has the approach varied across the globe? In this episode, we discuss the various measures that governments have taken to support the business community in relation to foreign investment restrictions, debt, equity and taxation and the crucial role that these interventions play in both business survival and revival.

For related insights, view the Government Intervention Schemes Hub

Guests: Koen V. Vanhaerents (Partner, Global Chair of the Capital Markets Group) and James Wilson (Partner, Washington, DC) 

Episode 3: Diversity, Inclusion and the Great Pandemic 

In this episode, we take a closer look at how COVID-19 has magnified workplace vulnerabilities related to D&I and how companies can strive to do better through business recovery and renewal.

Guests: Anna Brown (Baker McKenzie's Director of Global Diversity & Inclusion), Sunny Mann (Partner, London and member of the Global Diversity & Inclusion Committee) and Jean Lee (President and CEO of the Minority Corporate Counsel Association, a national organization focused on hiring, promoting and retaining women and diverse attorneys and former Assistant General Counsel at JP Morgan Chase)

Episode 2: Shock Proofing Supply Chains

COVID-19 has exposed the weaknesses in how businesses manage their global supply chains. In this episode, our experts discuss lessons learned on mitigating this disruption and tips on how to build a more resilient supply chain in the long term. 

Guests: Mattias Hedwall (Partner, Global Chair of the International Commercial & Trade Group) and Christina Conlin (Partner, Chicago and former chief compliance officer for McDonald's Corporation's European operations)

Episode 1: The Reopening Playbook

As some countries begin to ease restrictions and attempt to resume normalcy, businesses are considering not only how to bring employees safely back to the office but what the future of work will look like. In this episode, we share some lessons from countries who are ahead of the curve on how to make key decisions about reopening and highlight steps for reimagining business operations, in light of the current landscape.

For related insights, visit the Reopening Playbook Hub

Guests: Susan Eandi (Partner, Palo Alto) and Kim Sartin (Partner, London)

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