Beyond COVID-19

Governments across the globe continue to take steps to gradually reduce lockdown measures and re-open their economies, while keeping a close eye on the spread of the virus. As new measures are enacted across a world still battling a pandemic, our global teams are continuing to assist companies in preparing for the gradual transition back into the workplace.

On this page find a roundup of the latest guidance from across our employment practice to achieve a necessary balance between maintaining a safe workplace and putting people back to work.


The Reopening Playbook Podcast

As some countries begin to ease restrictions and attempt to resume normalcy, businesses are considering not only how to bring employees safely back to the office but what the future of work will look like. In this episode, our Baker McKenzie experts Susan Eandi (Partner, Palo Alto) and Kim Sartin (Partner, London) share some lessons from countries who are ahead of the curve on how to make key decisions about reopening and highlight steps for reimagining business operations, in light of the current landscape.

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