Design rights, whether registered or unregistered, can often be a valuable cause of action when challenging the use of identical or similar features in products by competitors or counterfeiters. Our recent webinar series explored:

  • The Starting Point - The Protection of Designs
    • Issues to be considered from the outset in order to achieve the correct protection with a view to defending the IP right in the future

  • Litigating Designs (Part I)
    • Design coverage of competitors: how to keep them on the radar and what to do against them
    • Precautionary measures: when and how to articulate them for success
    • Means of defense and alternatives

  • Litigating Designs (Part II) - The Main Dispute
    • Evidence necessary to achieve good results
    • Market surveys and expert reports: are they necessary?
    • Market surveys and expert reports: how to prepare them and what role do they play?

As there is little global harmonization of design rights, the four webinars focused on four different regions to address local and regional regimes and nuances. View the full sessions below:


Asia Pacific


North America 


Latin America


Europe, Middle East and Africa

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