Companies are facing critical business challenges in regard to their most important asset – their people. While workforce transformation is not a new concept for global organizations, the pandemic has forced us to rapidly adapt our standard ways of working and how we engage with employees to ensure the long-term viability of the business. We have a new understanding of what's possible – from remote working to flexible employment models – and an opportunity to shape organizations for the future. There has never been a more critical time to innovate and revolutionize working practices.

In this virtual conversation series, together with leaders from some of the most innovative companies in the world, we analyze how global employers can embrace the large-scale trends changing the nature of work itself amid disruptive global events.

The Future of Work: Renewal Strategies for a Transformed Workforce

From integrating resilience into your workforce strategy to harnessing the power of inclusion. In this 3R podcast episode, Anna Brown (Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer) and Michael Brewer (Global Employment & Compensation Group chair) share some key takeaways and practical action points gleaned across FutureWorks sessions.

Building a New Workforce Reality: A Keynote Conversation with Dr. Margaret Heffernan

How can employers prepare for ‘ineradicable uncertainty’? What are the issues businesses must navigate in order to prepare for future challenges while creating and retaining a resilient workforce? Join renowned best-selling author and Professor of Practice at the University of Bath, Lead Faculty for the Forward Institute's Responsible Leadership Programme, Dr. Margaret Heffernan, as she explores the people and organizations who aren't daunted by uncertainty.

FutureProof: Integrating Resilience into the Workforce Strategy

What experiences and reflections do businesses have about ways of building resilience into their workforce strategies? How can we create "futureproof" workforces, ready to handle the challenges of a turbulent economic landscape? Join us as we discuss best practices to redefine your workforce to thrive in the wake of the pandemic and achieve long-lasting workforce resilience.

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Workforce Wellbeing, Psychological Health and Pandemic Times

How are employers managing the challenges to employee well-being that have been posed in the wake of the pandemic, including as a result of remote working, business change, and social unrest, and what lessons have they learned from that going forward? How do companies manage the relationship of trust with employees while going through change? Join us as we discuss how to improve psychological health, engagement and performance in the workplace.

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The Future is Diverse: Harnessing the Power of Inclusion

Cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce is a business imperative for global employers. A diverse and inclusive workforce enables a wider talent pool, helping to plug skills gaps, drive innovation, enhance profitability and improve competitiveness. On the heels of the Black Lives Matter movement, companies face mounting pressure from greater transparency and actions to eliminate inequality. Likewise, investors are pressing companies to address society-wide inequities by pushing them to publicly disclosing the racial and ethnic makeup of their management (among other demands aimed at eliminating social injustice). This session will examine how companies can expand initiatives to advance diversity and inclusion within their organization.

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Reconceptualizing the Importance of Place

Companies understand the benefits of bringing people together, and prior to COVID-19 many invested in new spaces in major cities to attract talent and encourage collaboration. Now that many workforces are operating remotely, how can employers instill company values and culture, maintain the employee experience, and effective and collaborative teams? How does the possibility of a permanent remote workforce affect the war for talent?

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Leading the Digital Workforce: A Conversation with Erica Dhawan

What skills should leaders embody to effectively lead a digital workforce and guide their workforces into a digital future? How can employers encourage collaboration and productivity, and effectively build a culture of trust -- no matter the distance. Join Erica Dhawan, the world's leading authority on connectional intelligence, for a fireside chat on how to shape the future of business and collaborate across digital silos to unlock the collective power of 21st century teamwork.

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