Connected Compliance 2020

Connected Compliance explores the role of technology as a driver of compliance integration and business growth. The research considers the role played by technology as a key enabler of Connected Compliance and explores the link between the effectiveness of the compliance function and successful business outcomes. Additionally, it identifies how companies are deploying technology to manage challenges and surveys the risks and liabilities associated with the use of technology in compliance teams/wider business functions.

On this page you will find three main resources: our Connected Compliance Dialogues, Connected Compliance 2020 report and our Connected Compliance Tool.

About the Connected Compliance Dialogues

In this series of short conversations, our Global Compliance & Investigations team connects with senior ethics and compliance experts to discuss a wide range of topics, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and recent events on their professional and personal lives, how they've adapted to COVID-19, the measures taken by their organization and what the future may hold for the compliance community. The first series features our co-chair of Global Compliance & Investigations, Joanna Ludlam, as she speaks with key industry compliance, ethics and integrity experts.

Episode 2: Conversation with Mary Dontzin, Nokia

Jo Ludlam speaks to Mary Dontzin, head of Business Integrity at Nokia, about key challenges and solutions for compliance teams during COVID-19 as well as the increasing reliance on technology, including identifying new risks and mitigating them.


Episode 1: Conversation with Claire Handley, JLL

Jo Ludlam speaks to Claire Handley, chief ethics and compliance officer at JLL, about how working from home and the impact of COVID-19 have brought both challenges and opportunities for the compliance function, and together they explore the heightened interconnection of privacy, health and safety and compliance.


Launching soon: Connected Compliance 2020 report

Launching soon is our 2020 report which will feature key findings from a survey of over 1,500 chief compliance officers or heads of compliance across countries in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. Respondents represent key sectors such as energy and infrastructure, industrials and manufacturing, TMT, financial services and consumer goods.

This year's report will have an added lens: assessing the impact of COVID-19 on compliance teams and their planned use of technology. This year's main report uses the CASE framework, measuring how companies rate their performance in the areas of Collaboration, Agility, Strategy and Efficiency.

View the 2018/2019 report here.

Launching soon: Updated Connected Compliance Tool

In addition to the main report, we are also updating our Connected Compliance Tool, which allows businesses to benchmark their own performance against the industry-respondent data in the CASE framework.

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