As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a profound impact on businesses, companies have started to focus on navigating the medium- to long-term implications of this crisis. While disruption may pose challenges, we have also seen how various sectors are embracing and accelerating digital transformation as a way to achieve operational efficiencies and meet business demands during this time.

To prepare you for the next wave of changes, these recorded webinars bring together a panel of legal practitioners who share practical insights into legal issues that impact your businesses, particularly in the consumer goods and retail, financial services and healthcare and life sciences industries.


Digital Transformation in Healthcare & Life Sciences

In this webinar, our legal practitioners from across the region discuss the issues you may encounter in developing innovative technologies. We cover the legal and regulatory implications across the full product life cycle such as R&D, collaboration and licensing, telemedicine, product launch and promotions, as well as product liability and risk management in case of an adverse event.

Speakers: Marcia Lee, Ren Jun Lim, Christina Macasaet-Acaban, David McCredie, Clement Ngai, Toby Patten, Paolo Sbuttoni, Seck Yee Chung and Ryosuke Tateishi



Digital Transformation in Financial Services

This webinar delves into current market conditions and relevant regulatory updates, explores how digital transformation may further accelerate in the financial services sector, and talks about potential challenges and opportunities for industry players in the medium- to long-term period.

Speakers: Jiro Toyokawa, Stephanie Magnus, Bill Fuggle, Masato Honma, Hao-Ray Hu, Karen Man, Kullarat Phongsathaporn and Sue Wan Wong



Digital Transformation in Consumer Goods & Retail

This webinar reflects on new technologies transforming consumer goods and retail businesses today such as e-commerce and supply chain planning tech (including blockchain and IoT). We also discuss key legal considerations for CG&R businesses undergoing digital transformation, including commercial, tax and data compliance issues.

Speakers: LokeKhoon Tan, Simone Bridges, Cahyani Endahayu, Kurt Haegeman, Jonathan Isaacs, Divina Ilas-Panganiban, Adrian Lawrence and Paolo Sbuttoni


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