Our 18th Annual Global Trade and Supply Chain Webinar Series entitled, "International Trade & Developments in a World Focused on Recovery & Renewal," includes the latest international trade developments including updates on trade wars, trade agreement negotiations and key customs, export controls, and sanctions developments.

In addition to our usual topics of customs and export controls/sanctions, we have also covered foreign investment review regimes around the world. This year's webinars cover export controls and sanctions, an overview of customs and imports developments in the Latin America, EU, Middle East and Russia and managing emerging compliance risks.


Global FTAs Developments (Focus on Africa, EU, UK and Latin America) (October 26, 2021)


Hot Topics on Export Controls (Focus on US, China, EU, UK and Russia) (28 September 2021)


Hot Topics for Customs Audits (Asia Pacific, Russia, EU, US, Canada and Mexico) (27 July 2021)


Foreign Investment Review Trends (Focus on US, UK, Germany, and Spain) (29 June 2021)


Hot Topics in Sanctions (Focus on US, Canada, UK, EU and Middle East) (25 May 2021)


Future of the WTO, Trade Remedies and Trade Wars (27 April 2021)


Trade Developments Under the New Biden Administration and Brexit (23 March 2021)


Trade Focus on China (23 February 2021)


Supply Chain: Environmental and Human Rights Due Diligence (27 January 2021)

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