Trade secrets are progressively becoming the method of choice for companies to protect their intellectual property, but trade secret protection is becoming more challenging than ever given the rapid pace of technological innovation and cybersecurity risks.

To help organizations avoid putting their valuable IP assets at risk and guide them through the often overwhelming and complex area of trade secrets management, we have launched the Trade Secrets Tool.


The Trade Secrets Tool is an innovative online risk analysis instrument that takes a company through a series of questions about its trade secret management and protection policies. Based on your responses, we provide our clients with a tailored report detailing an overall risk categorization and specific recommendations for three key areas relating to trade secrets: identification, protection and enforcement. This enables your company to quickly assess areas that need attention and provides insights to leadership to make strategic decisions to ensure trade secrets are protected.

If you wish to know more about this tool, please reach out to any of our trade secrets experts below or email Kay Gemzon.


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