Regulators around the world are responding quickly to the rapidly evolving financial technology, or fintech, landscape. As new or emerging financial products, services or delivery channels may not meet all regulatory requirements, financial regulators internationally have implemented fintech regulatory sandbox regimes as a solution.

A sandbox allows financial institutions (FI) to test their products, services or solutions in the market under a more relaxed regulatory environment but within a well-defined space and duration agreed with their regulators. In some jurisdictions, although sandboxes have not been established, regulators have nonetheless sought to put in place a supportive regulatory environment.

The guide describes the steps being taken by the jurisdictions listed below, as well as the establishment of the Global Financial Innovation Network to help those firms which operate across more than one country to co-ordinate with different regulators.

Argentina Australia Belgium
Canada Germany Hong Kong
Indonesia Italy Malaysia
Philippines Singapore South Africa
Switzerland Taiwan Thailand
Netherlands United Kingdom Ukraine

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