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Antitrust law in Africa is growing at a rapid rate with the introduction of laws and regulations, increase in memberships to regional antitrust bodies and ramped-up enforcement by domestic and regional regulators. Since the beginning of 2018, domestic competition legislation has been enacted in Angola and Nigeria, and legal developments are in progress in Madagascar.

Outside of the introduction of entirely new laws in certain jurisdictions, there have also been significant amendments to existing legislative regimes in a number of countries, including Egypt, Ethiopia, the Gambia, Morocco, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Africa’s competition regulators are also gaining momentum and becoming more sophisticated in the analysis of mergers and understanding of horizontal conduct.

Businesses transacting in Africa that have not already done so should be rolling out internal training programs and measures to ensure they are prepared for the continuously developing national and regional competition laws and regulations.

As such, this guide, An Overview of Competition and Antitrust Regulations in Africa, has been compiled by the Competition & Antitrust Africa team and the Firm’s African Relationship Firms across the continent, in order to provide insight into the numerous competition law and regulatory developments in 25 countries in Africa. This publication engages with these developments at a domestic level, itemizing relevant amendments and approaches of competition authorities on topical issues.

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